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Welcome to the fastest growing online community

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7 Best Stoner Dating Site Options (100 Free to Try)

Cannabis and dating were made for each other. Don't forget we can be anyone! Cannabis political parties List of British politicians who have acknowledged cannabis use List of American politicians who have acknowledged cannabis use. Please make sure to read the rules before posting. She is my partner in crime not actual crime.

Best friendly dating sites

Dank Canvas elevates the idea of an amateur painting class to new stoney heights by offering a safe space for dates to get high. Being a very friendly, single woman I have difficulty finding a guy thats the same. The websites and email messages sometimes contain hypertext links to the websites of third parties. These findings were the subject of vigorous academic debate. But some of the guys I know don't like girls who smoke, I feel there's a double standard there.

Dating in Los Angeles has never been so dank

Dating Sites For Stoners Find Your Higher Half

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Want to add to the discussion? And that depends on the woman. Just look around for chill girls around campus. You have to fill out a Google Form for a consultation and screening. Also it's important to note that my girlfriend was the type that didn't really date anyone either.

If marijuana is a big part of your life, then DateFriendly. You should just start random conversations with people particularly ladies since that seems to be your more immediate goal and eventually broach the topic of smoking. Clicking the button initiates a popup asking if you would like to continue. Messaging is enabled after both parties swipe right on each others profiles. Both sides are scared to make a move.

The reason you see the same people twice is because people sometimes hit the reject button by mistake or change their profile picture only to be liked the second time. Be yourself, and you will attract like-minded ladies. Your problem is you don't know how to weed out the ones who does smoke it. It's super low-key and probably won't be the first time you get high with your art teacher.

You can smoke constantly throughout the day and have no problems functioning. Still trying to give this app a chance, dating best I tried to simply send a quick message and the app only allows you to purchase access. You have access to your personal information collected. And how i've brought it up to guys.

Stoner Dating

Patrick's Day religious Spring break week. My guy friends always hit me up to come smoke blunts but never ask me to do activities before smoking. In fact, Hinge profiles resemble an Instagram feed with fun tidbits about you in between your photos. You still get the same functionality with the app as you did with the site, dating missed opportunities but it seems that the app can't refine matches based on location. This happens to me and it's how i met a few girl ents.

Not if you are friends with hippie dealers. Be a genuinely cool guy, and you will attract a genuinely cool girlfriEnt. Medical cannabis History Timeline Religious and spiritual use Chalice. This works every time for me.

Stoner Dating App

Most of the guys I find only like smoking on occasion or a couple times a week. Just wait until she has a moment. You can connect between a mile or global radius to reach out to people who live up the block or around the world.

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It would be nice once in a while to get a text asking to do something and then get invited to smoke later. Just keep in mind that most ladies arn't going to find sexual jokes as funny as you're bros do. It sometimes pays to be upfront.

It's probably the second one happening and it makes the first one seem real I guess? Columbus Day federal Halloween. Most singles are on OkCupid, so it makes sense that if you want to cast a wide net to find other like-minded singles then this dating site is for you. It's also not that weird to be approached by random strangers on campus, so that works in your favor. Can't do that with alcohol.


Word of the ritual spread and expanded to a yearly event in various places. Think the advice given to girls about no one's gonna buy the truck if you're giving out the ice cream free. Then you select options for your occupation, income, education level, and marijuana habits. Most of the guy ents I meet are just dicking around with their life.

May the luck of the Irish smile on ye on ye quest for a maiden. Hinge wants singles to build relationships instead of hook ups or something casual. Say you're on a first date and everything is going very well.


Every time I go to a show, I catch someone packing a hitter or puffing on a joint. Following the success of Washington, how to tell if D. The site is also a resource for finding new jobs and works as a sort of classifieds page for the community.

Hinge re-launched in as a very low-pressure dating app that focuses on fun information and photos instead of a swiping left or right model. Don't be afraid to start a conversation with a lady either. First of all, I tend to go to places and events where people would be smoking bud. In some ways, you could find your special friendly buddy better on Plenty of Fish than some dating sites that were made exclusively for cannabis users.

420-friendly dating

Thankfully, both stoners and vegans can come together in perfect harmony at Gracias Madre. All the good stoner chicks are taken. Why do I feel like every stoner on this thread is from Florida? If Singles managed to merge the two, then they might have an interesting dating site on their hands for cannabis users. And I believe it could make for a good dating app for smokers.

If the first thing you're offering is smoking her out, she's not gonna date you if she doesn't have to. Painting sounds fun, but have you ever tried it on weed, man? Handshakes are great believe it or not. You can contact the mod team with any questions.

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It sounds like youre being dependent on women, dude. If you see that the girl isn't interested or is getting really uncomfortable and you keep going, then it's creepy. And then hopefully we can share our love with everyone.

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