What are the best tourist spots in Lan Ha bay?

Beautiful sunset at the Fortress (3.bp.blogspot.com)

If you’re looking for an adventurous exploration on the sea, Lan Ha is one excellent option in which offers plentiful tourist spots as following.

Beaches and islands

Different from Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay in Halong city has a total number of 139 small, lovely, and desolate sandy beaches as the “blue straits” inviting visitors to explore. Those quiet sandy beaches stretching between two rocky mountains with no big waves are really the ideal beaches for tourists. In the trademark emerald green water, there are thousands of coral reefs and corals with all colors such as Van Boi and Van Ha beaches. To have an opportunity to dive and admire these corals, tourists can look for the quiet beaches. The typical ones are the beaches on Sen island, Cu island, and Monkey island.

Resorts on Monkey island, Lan Ha bay

The two most popular islands in Lan Ha bay are Nam Cat island (Cat Ba National Park) and Monkey island. Nam Cat beach is a place where visitors will interestedly enjoy the sea in the cool Lan Ha bay best time. They will be comfortable bathing in the blue water and watching the pebbles or colorful coral reefs. This place still retains the natural beauty of a quiet sea behind the majestic lime mountains. Cat Dua beach (in Monkey island) now has developed services for tourists like raising monkeys or having overnight lodges. Especially, visitors can visit the growing pearl farms here.


Climbing among the sea space in Lan Ha (catbaisland.org)

Lan Ha bay is also deeply impressed in the minds of tourists with the limestone cliffs as well as the solid walls surrounding the bay. There are hundreds of mountains with many different shapes and sizes such as Guoc island (Clog island) and Doi island (Bat island).

There are dozens of climbing points on the islands of Lan Ha bay and around the Cat Ba area, creating a highlight for this tourist spot with the high cliffs, challenging those who love this adventure sport. Tourists should prepare for a good health and psychology, especially should contact the travel agencies or tour guide to have climbing equipment, tools, and advice of experts before climbing mountains in Lan Ha.


By small boats, tourists can go through the ravines for excursions in the small bays and gulfs to visit the caves such as Ham Rong cave (Dragon’s Jaw cave), Do Cung cave, Ca cave, etc. With the name is extremely strange, Luon cave is also a famous location in Lan Ha bay. This place is known for the beauty of nature that visitors cannot forget. Furthermore, tourists can enjoy the feeling of kayaking through the cave to admire the beauty of nature.

Fishing villages

An exciting part of a Lan Ha bay travel is probably the experience of trying out the kayak adventure that tourist can explore every corner of the bay, especially in fishing villages like Cua Van and Cai Beo floating villages. In there, they also can engage in many activities like fishing by fishing net, or sitting on the boat and listening to people here tell stories among the sea.

Biking in Viet Hai fishing village (flickr.com)

Moreover, many tourists are fascinated having chance to bike in Viet Hai fishing village. The village is situated in Cat Ba National Park, so the space here is very fresh and the scenery is pristine, bringing travelers the feeling of refreshing themselves. This activity is suitable for the young and many couples who are adventurous and inquisitive.

Phao Dai Than Cong

Sunset at the sea – a wonderful moment, is really a reason why visit Lan Ha bay. Travelers should go to the Phao Dai (Fortress) in the late afternoon when the sky is clear and climb to the top watching the view of Lan Ha bay. The sunlight and the scene is extremely beautiful in the afternoon. Especially, at a height of 177 meters above sea level, tourists will be overwhelmed when looking far away towards the sea, mountains, clouds, and sun, etc. All these will miniature in front of your eyes.

Just one time visiting here, tourists will have a chance to enjoy the full moment of interference between day and night, creating a mysterious and romantic beauty. Cat Ba sunset sinking gradually makes the sea as gold in the afternoon. The sparkling, beauty of the sea makes people really dumbfounded. The shadow of the boats and mountains leaning on the sea surface, the gentle and cool sea breeze, and the sun declining into the sea will make everyone feel peaceful, and all sorrow in a long day seems to disappear. The ticket price is VND 40,000/ person with explanatory guide.

The luxury Lan Ha bay La Pinta cruise (flickr.com)

If you want to access all of these places in the bay, the Lan Ha bay tours 2 nights will be suitable for you. With boat La Pinta, we definitely assure that you will have the best experience on the beach in your life.

Lan Ha bay is not as famous as Halong bay, however, the bay still expresses the unique and engaging natural characteristics of the sandy beaches, islands, caves, limestone mountains, and the outstanding creations of human of the fishing villages and the Fortress. If this is useful for your trip, please like and share with others. Thank you.