Backdating housing benefit, backdating a benefit claim - hertsmere borough council

Backdating a benefit claim - Hertsmere Borough Council

Instead of using the Local Housing Allowance rules, they look at the rent you pay and decide whether it is reasonable for Housing Benefit to cover all the rent. Capital means things like savings, land or property. Please read Completing the form before you make the claim. Housing Benefit helps people pay their rent. The rules about which students can claim housing benefit are complicated.

  • If you pay rent to a private landlord, the rent your Housing Benefit can cover will normally be restricted to an amount set by a rent officer.
  • If Housing Benefit is paid directly to you, this will be by cheque, giro cheque cashable at the Post Office, or straight into your bank or building society account.
  • What if I disagree with the council's decision?
  • Any documents posted will be returned by post.
  • You don't have to give a reason for not claiming in time - you just have to show that you qualified for benefits during that time.

In some cases, you may have to pay a civil penalty if you do something which causes an overpayment. Universal Credit has replaced Housing Benefit for most people. For full details of other capital which is ignored, palm bay florida dating you should get advice. These rules apply if you have not made a new claim or moved home since then. Statements and books which show bank account details for at least the last three months.

Housing Benefit payments - Dorset Council

What is good cause for backdating? Backdating Housing Benefit is where we pay you Housing Benefit for a period of time prior to the date you started to claim. Before we can consider backdating your claim, you will need to explain to us any exceptional circumstances or reason about why your claim was made late.

Council Tax Reduction

Keep this note somewhere safe. BrowseAloud Bookmark Email Print. In mid-July you started getting letters etc, trusted dating sites but didn't do anything about it until September?

This might apply, for example, if you are in hospital or if you are away from home because of a fear of violence. You can get backdated Housing Benefit for one month if you can show you have a good reason for not claiming earlier, for example, you were given wrong advice. If you move, dating a german you must report your new address and give information about the tenancy. Volunteer Find out more about volunteering with Shelter Scotland. You can do this whether or not you are also challenging a Housing Benefit decision.

The Housing Benefit you can get may be reduced if another person lives with you who could be expected to pay towards their accommodation, even if they do not. If the amount of Housing Benefit you are entitled to doesn't cover all your rent, you may have to make up the difference out of any other income you have, or find cheaper accommodation. Generally, once you start getting Housing Benefit payment can continue indefinitely. Thank you for your feedback. For example, if you obtain a claim form and then lose it, or if you delay in returning your form because you went on holiday.

If you or your partner are of pensionable age

South Norfolk Council

It can apply if you pay rent to a company or trust that you have some connection with. You did not claim immediately after leaving hospital, prison, or long term care. If you do not report relevant changes, you may be underpaid, or you may cause an overpayment which you will have to pay back. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Print this page. It can also apply if you or your partner used to own the home and your ownership ended within the last five years.

Backdating Benefit

Housing Benefit does not help with the Council Tax, but if you are on a low income you may be able to get a reduction in your Council Tax under a local scheme. This is called an overpayment. You must also provide proof of the income, savings and the rent you paid during the period when you were unable to claim. Benefit fraud is a criminal offence and you can be prosecuted or asked to pay a penalty. If you have problems applying for a national insurance number or proving your identity, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at your nearest Citizens Advice.

If you've claimed Housing Benefit by telephone, your local authority may require you to approve a written statement of your circumstances. Click the button below to start your claim. If you want to claim backdated Housing Benefit, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at your nearest Citizens Advice. See Problems with Housing Benefit.

This list only gives examples, so you could ask someone who is not on the list to write a supporting letter. But now we received a court date for nov. Please check the details below. If you have any documents which will help confirm your claim for good cause, it would be very helpful if you could send them with your request. However, some capital is ignored, for example, your personal possessions.

Thank you, your feedback has been submitted. If you are a full-time student but your partner is not, check if your partner could make the Housing Benefit claim instead of you. Select this option to enable all website functionality including website personalisation. You will not usually get any backdated benefit just because you did not know that you could make a claim.

If you or your partner have reached State Pension age

Housing Benefit payments

Housing Benefit is paid by your local authority. If you feel that you've been discriminated against when you are paid benefits or tax credits, you can make a complaint about this. Join Digital Spy's first reader panel. Or did you receive housing benefit in the last three years?

What is backdating and when can we consider it

How to apply for backdating
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  2. In my experience, councils can be quite lenient with tenants who are in arrears because of problems like these, as long as they are kept informed of your situation at the time.
  3. Top links Template letter to raise a grievance at work.
  4. You must also live in the accommodation for which you are claiming Housing Benefit.

You should do this within one month of the decision about your housing benefit. Chat with us - we're online. Contact details Benefits vowh.

Swindon Borough Council

Housing benefit

Submit Housing Benefit evidence online. You may be able to get it if you are studying part-time. If you are a local authority tenant, you will not get your Housing Benefit paid to you directly. Also, the Housing Benefit you can get may be reduced if another person lives with you who could be expected to pay towards their accommodation, even if they do not. Local Housing Allowance rules will also normally apply if you move address, even if this is within the same local authority's area.

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Completing a claim for Housing Benefit The easiest way to complete a claim for Housing Benefit is online. This means that it is paid after your rent is due. You will need to supply evidence to support your claim for Housing Benefit.

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