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Peter Potter, My compaq presario v has died on me, when switched on the monitor remains as if switched off, I have connected an external monitor but still no joy. Compaq grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I wont be buying another one again. Hello, I have a compaq presario v and a problem with it! Angell, holux m-215 driver windows 7 My laptop is a compaq presario v with windows vista.

The problem arises when the cable weakens and breaks due to repeated flexing pressing of the power button. So frustrated here for having spent hard earned money on such a piece of junk. What should i do to connect lan cable if lan card has failed? Theres is no display when laptop goes into windows.

Or do I just need to send it in for repair? Any feedback on this from anyone? She tells me this a part time business and that he is out at work, but that she thinks the board is beyond repair and I must speak to him.

It is really pity on my part to run pillar to post to get my laptop repaired. The only question I have, I can find a fan with heat sink and a fan without the heat sink. If yes, can you tell me how you did it.

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The computer is not reading the memory card reader. Mike, Is there an easy way to resolder the power input connector to the main pcb, Other than a complete disassembley and removal of the main pcb?

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The notebook does not start. What a dreadful experience! Regards Amina for any readers that can help.

My laptop is a compaq presario v with windows vista. If it really is Windows Vista compatible, then they should have released Vista drivers for it, and it should be perfectly fine if you install Vista. Now I think this could also be a driver problem as the speakers are altec lansing and the sound card or whatever it is see how much a geek I am not is conexant or something.

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They told me it was a video driver problem and that the motherboard needed to be replaced. Try reinstalling the audio driver. Have you tried updated the graphics card driver? It stopped working just after the warrentee was over. No screen blackout, but wireless dropping out and overheating.

So i do and it just repeats the same thing. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Compaq driver v6000 xp

Like it says on the bottom of the damn notebook. It gave me the confidence to work on grandsons laptop. Due to the cluttering of dust the cooling of the fan is getting worse over time and is making more noise every week. Contaced Hp manager asking for refund on both. After a day of messing I found the charge light did light up.

Eventually, I was able to get it to start back up again, and was able to grab all my information off of the system. Yesterday, blackout then no power, continuous cycling. Yes the underneath was getting hot, but I thought that was normal. It is really shocking that inspite of my repeated request I am seldom heard.