Giant tuna hook up, anchor/ball setup for giant tuna fishing - my fishing cape cod

Once anchored we run the anchor line to the ball, tie it off, and then run more feet of line to the bow of the boat. Underwater Giant Bluefin Tuna Video. These baits are typically fished beneath a balloon, from a kite, or rigged on a down line and fished directly beneath the boat.

Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing in the Outer Banks

Giant Bluefin Tuna Stand-up Fishing Tackle & Techniques

Needless to say I had a lot to learn about giant bluefin tuna fishing. To empower fishing intelligence through measurement, learning, and collaboration so that avid anglers can constantly improve and find more enjoyment in their sport. Make sure you look at the dimensions before you order. This only applies if you are serious and plan to fish on a regular or frequent basis. Hooks are attached using a precision crimping tool and aluminum sleeves developed by the airline-manufacturing industry for crimping metal cables.

One of the most popular and effective means for catching giant bluefin tuna in Cape Cod Bay is to anchor up and chum. Some of our best days have been totally out of sight of the fleet. Jinkai makes crimps and crimpers. Giant bluefin tuna typically arrive during June and remain in Cape waters sometimes until Christmas. For jigging, leaders can be even heavier, up to lb test.

Secrets of Anchoring and Chumming

The giant tuna fishing season off Cape Cod was nothing short of remarkable. Sometimes I would even see these giant fish go airborne while chasing bait, which just added to the allure of someday hooking into one. With that in mind, if you are just starting out and trying to catch your first giant tuna, then hopefully these posts help you out!

Some may say feet of tag line is overkill. The rule of thumb for anchoring is to use times more anchor line than the depth at which you intend to anchor. Cashman, Pisano, Anderson, state michigan Colabella and Hudson all consider to be the best depth for large giants though the very biggest may be still deeper.

Hoping you can clear this up. You can toss the remaining tag line over and then wait until you come tight on the ball. Many of the best skippers recognize that the biggest mistake made by some helmsmen is to be overly concerned about a fish getting under the boat.

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  1. Have the right gear ready to go at the right time.
  2. Hey Joe, perhaps will be the year of your first giant!
  3. Stay where you are and work the area.
  4. He was on the starboard side while Ryan was on the port side.
  5. You can avoid tangles by being aware of where your bait is and where your fish is and by keeping them in front of you all the time.

Anchor/Ball Setup For Giant Tuna Fishing - My Fishing Cape Cod

As soon as the last handful drifted from sight, another handful went in the drink. Now you are ready to fish. We all know that slack should be the best time with the bait rising in the water column. November can be a good month as well, cape cod just have to be very careful with the weather. Giant Tuna Fishing Ball Setup.

Lauderdale Boat Show Highlights Ft. When you swing too soon all you are doing is swinging against loose line. On top of the braid is a yard section of monofilament topshot which is usually pound test.

Anchor/Ball Setup For Giant Tuna Fishing

Also a great replacement hook on Marauders. His technique was absolutely perfect. The dream is to find Tuna actively feeding. Black with glow green was hot early in the year.

How to Fish for Tuna 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

During the hookup of a giant with Pisano, an inexperienced angler lost a thumb. Your crew members are geniuses at saving fish from tangles. Either your spread isn't raising them or the conditions aren't right yet.

Shearwaters hags are the best indicator of life and tuna in an area. If you try to set the hook too soon, you may jerk it out of the tuna's mouth, letting it escape. Ask the masters for help and try to learn what they are doing to get hooked up. These hooks just like to stay in the fish. Listen carefully and learn and practice these skills.

Anchoring and Chumming

If you let the fish run, it gets water through its gills and comes back twice as strong. The vessel continues forward, pulling the entire anchor line through the brass ring. Pushing a dead whiting through the automatic chunker. The largest hooks we had used previously would sometime be straightened out by the weight and strength of some of the flathead catfish we were hoping to get. Here is a typical setup for loading the reels with line.

Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing in the Outer Banks

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Best Wishes for Big Fishes Check out the Gamakatsu website to get your hands on these cutting edge hooks. Needless to say the birds loved me-we had a flock at our stern the entire day. The bird gives the bar more flotation and splash helping to camouflage it and resemble busting bait. Whether or not the fish bite is a completely different story! They can be reused if properly cared for to avoid rust and dulling of the point.

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Do you have to let out all of your anchor line and have a separate tether to the bow? Chunking begins as soon as the anchor goes over the side and continues throughout the day until a fish is hooked. We all know the fire drill on a hookup with five or seven rods out.

Giant hooks

If we see halfbeaks, dating user names we emphasize ballyhoo. Use your long rod and regular speed reel for surface iron. The spotter plane we had with our harpoon boat confirmed this. All leaders are rubbed with alcohol before presentation.

Light setup for giant bluefin tuna

  • Using floss, we sew fresh squid tentacles on the hook of every hook bait stinger on a squid bar.
  • An ultra sharp hook is also less invasive and damaging to the bait, penetrating the nose, shoulder or belly of the bait with less trauma.
  • Hooking a giant can produce panic among inexperienced crews.
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Learn how to do it yourself or take it to a pro, but be sure your reels and rods are in perfect working order. Or practice casting a light stick at the park to simulate a live bait? You will be viewed with greater respect by your fellow anglers and the crew. When the fish was far from the boat into the braided backing he slowly jogged the boat toward the fish.


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