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Golf Shaft Fitting

In metal woods your skill level will dictate the need for additional length. Brian saw a decrease in spin by rpm with the longer driver, which was also a positive result, based on his ball speed.

There are many variables that will change how the ball will launch and spin off of the clubface. When I showed Ken the results and asked him why he thinks he swung the shorter club faster, he simply said that he had more confidence in the shorter club. We can already hear shaft-fitters grumbling about the strength of that statement.

The wider the arc, the faster the clubhead will travel, relative to the ball that is. The main reason is because it is the longest club and everyone wants to swing hard to get the most distance they can from their driver. The lower the number, the tighter the impact group on the face and the more consistent the ball will tend to fly assuming consistent delivery of the club head.

How hard should I swing during a shaft-fitting? As for high-handicappers, if you miss deep and wide, struggle with distance or have trouble with consistency, a better-fitting shaft can help minimize the effects. Four other testers recorded an increase of less than a half-mile an hour. No one around here does it properly. It determines impact position on the face, interaction with the turf, and posture at address.

Our clubfittings are good for your lifetime! The driver is arguably the hardest club in your bag to fit.

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Even though the test was blind, he still was able to rely on feel and adapt to each driver so it performed at its best. During driver fittings we try to maximize carry distance while reducing decent angle.

Of course, choosing the right head, loft, clubface angle and grip is important too, but how the shaft functions during your swing is, in our opinion, what matters the most. It's a matter of price and durability. What is the difference in tip diameters? Swing at your go-to speed, as if you're on your home course's toughest hole and you need to hit your best drive of the day. Again, there are Tool Tip?

He looked to find his best trajectory, distance, accuracy and so forth with each shaft. So why then did I hit the X-flex the best in our blind-shaft test? There are two things a shaft does when you swing it, load and unload. Frequency is measured at the shaft tip and butt.

By not adjusting, it helps keep their fundamentals in check, too. If we can achieve maximum carry distance combined with the flattest decent angle, then we know we maximized total distance potential. You can go to the cart to review, add, delete or complete the checkout process.

He should be able to answer all of your questions. Atop the list are length, flex and weight. As with every test we have done so far there have been extremes both positive and negative for both lengths.

Summary In conclusion we saw both drivers perform well for some of our testers, and poorly for others. Fitting a Driver for Shaft Length.

In our blind testing, both of our golfers the low- and high-handicapper actually favored shafts that were different than the ones on their current driver. No matter what our golfers say in our interview process about hitting straighter, more consistent shots, they want more distance. We share our information to make it easier for serious golfers to make comparisons of shaft data.

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So lets look at dispersion. These two examples were the extremes of the test.

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If so, you might be using the wrong shaft. So how does this tie back in with our length data? Appreciate the objective data.

Instead, we've learned that the better golfer you are, geforce go5650 driver the more adaptable you become to different flexes. The maximum speed a ball can come off the face of a golf club is one and a half times greater than the speed of the club head.

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The shorter driver spun rpm less than the longer driver creating a more penetrating trajectory. Each tester hit a series of shots with face tape on the club so we could see exact impact location on the face. The proper shaft flex for your swing speed helps produce the optimal trajectory for your shots. Frequency is typically measured by clamping the shaft at the butt and oscillating the shaft using a gram weight at the tip.

Just because you've always used a certain flex, length, etc. All of which have helped us choose the right shaft. Shaft Flex Shaft flex, a measurement of how much a shaft will bend under a certain load, is directly related to trajectory, distance and feel. Use the chart below to determine the proper shaft length.

Dispersion tells us how tight the groupings are. The other is that I had no idea it was an X. This relationship is called Smash Factor, and we use this number to give us an efficiency rating.

Golf club driver shaft fitting

For the entire group of testers, we only saw an increase of. Determining wrist-to-floor measurement. If you did, finding the perfect shaft for your swing would be a piece of cake.

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It works very well for my game. For him, the key to figuring out which was the best shaft meant evaluating his best drives, not his worst. When I've tested X-flexes in the past, I've thrown in the towel before I ever put a move on it. The next step is to enter information about your Tempo, Transition, Release.