5 must-do activities while visiting Cat Ba Island


Cat Ba Island might be the most well-known attraction in Hai Phong city where beautiful natural sceneries combine with comfortable, relaxing weather. There are some fun activities you can try in Cat Ba Island.

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Go swimming in Cat Co 1 / Cat Co 2

This might be one of the most exciting things to do in Hai Phong that every tourist cannot miss, particularly going swimming in Cat Ba Island. Here, a peak turtle-shaped mountain divides the beach into 2 small, separate beaches, namely Cat Co 1 (Cát Cò 1) and Cat Co 2 (Cát Cò 2). On the left hand, you will see the blue and clear water along with smooth, white sand; while on the right hand, there is a fabricated rock mountain. The beauty of this beach has been changed over time. Nonetheless, it seems to never lose its natural luring power.

Go swimming in Cat Ba Island (via Du lịch trong nước)

In the morning, after watching sunrise on the sea, you can swim in the pure sea water as much as you could in order to feel how relaxing and fresh a “paradise” could be. In the afternoon, you will be able to discover many original beauties of the area by renting one kayak to paddle to the bay. After that, if you still feel well, then consider joining in some sports or activities on the beach, like boat racing, volley ball, and so forth. After the dark falls down, gather your family or friends to lie down in the cottages close to the beach and relax a little bit, letting airy windy flow through your skin, listening to the wave sound. What a relaxation and romantic experience is!

Scuba diving

Taking a dive down to the bottom of the sea and be surprised by the wonders that the sea offers. There are colorful corals under riffs. These corals are similar to a giant carpet going beneath the surface. Tourists could also find some rare sea creatures such as lobsters, abalones, pearls, and swarms of fish of different colors.

Scuba diving (via Bee Trekking)

Stepping on boat

In Cat Ba Island, one can enjoy the warm water, blue sky and moreover they could see the golden sand beneath. If you love something calmer and quieter, then you could hire a kayak to sail to some small islets, on which Cat Trai Gai (Trai Gái), Duong Danh (Đường Danh), and Hien Hao (Hiền Hào), beaches are situated. I bet that when rowing to these small islets by yourself, you will experience a feeling which cannot be described.

Discovering wonderful, mysterious caves

For those who want to be a conqueror or explorer of natural wonder, they could visit caves here. There are some fascinating caves, including Khe Sau (Khe Sâu), Trung Trang (Trung Trang), Hang Luon (Hang Luồn), Gia Luan (Gia Luận), and Kim Cuong (Kim Cương). However, be careful and follow the instructions when discovering these caves.

Discovering mysterious caves (via Tour du lịch Hạ Long Cát Bà)

Walking in the dark

Cat Ba Island is well-known as a perfect location for enjoying a safe walk down the beach at night, with the blowing winds and cool weather. Tourists could rent an electric coach, a motorbike or a bicycle and then walk down the main road. By strolling along the beaches’ connectors, you will have a relaxing feeling of the night. Let the cool wind playing with your hair, let your own body flow at its rhythm and forget all worries. That is a simple but wonderful experience that you hardly find in hustle and bustle cities like Hanoi and Saigon.

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